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Company Registration In Trichy

Register your company in Karur and face all the legal tactics bravely. We Solubilis formed a group to help the business registration services since 2012. Majority of the entrepreneurs are wishing to start a business in India for several reasons. But majority of them do not aware of the legal compliance and how to start a business. The fact is they do not have any legal awareness to get the base point of a company. Most of the people run their business without any legal registrations. Recently, it was cause penalties and forfeit. Recently, in India the central and state governments announced certain rules to make ease of registration to help the entrepreneurs and start-ups. The new announcements are helped to get legal status in a faster manner for small business and start-up communities. Company incorporation is a legal approach to get several benefits like profits in the business, scheme policies, and tax benefits from the government etc. The Indian law enables the protection of your business, if you are registered appropriately. Process of company formation is depending on the type of company that you are looking for. Don’t get worried we are here to serve our services in all types of company registration.

Different types of company registration

The Company is an entity formed under the companies Act, 2013. The incorporation depends upon the mode of the company, which may be private limited company, public company, OPC, LLP or any other firm.

Peculiarities of Our services

We are one of the trusted business registration consultants in Karur. Our team started working for the clients since 2012. Let us draw some of the peculiarities that highlight our services.

Continuous Existence

The company does not have any restricted span of life. It acts as an artificial person. The status of the company does not affected by insolvency, death, and retirement etc of its members.

Limited Liability

The company is having its own legal identity. The members of the company do not have any responsibilities for its debts. Members of the company are limited to the unpaid shares of their share value.

Share transferability

Each shareholders share is transferable. The company ownership can be transferable under the article of association. But in a Pvt Ltd company there exist some restrictions for the transfer of shares.


The Prime minister of India Mr. Modi announced a programme called start-up India for initiating the upcoming entrepreneurs in the country. Later on January 16th the Government formally announced start-up India initiative for the youth people to explore the start-up action plan. This programme enables the promotion of bank financing for start-ups to boost entrepreneurship and job creation.
Authorized capital: the authorized capital of the company in the sense the company can legally sanction the number of shareholders. The paid up capital is less when compared with the authorized capital. It can be augmented with the shareholders by passing resolutions. Paid up capital: The paid-up capital is the total amount is paid by the shareholders of the company. Authorized capital covers the paid up capital of the company. Here the companies amendment Act, 2015 removed the requirement of having minimum paid-up capital at the time of registration.
The company law act, 2013 was introduced by the Indian parliaments for combining and amending the laws related with the companies. It has several features. It introduced the new class action which was initiated by the shareholders against the company and auditors. The companies act, 1956 are still in force.
MFC is also termed as micro finance institution (MFI). It is a company which provides loan up to 50,000 for the people who are having very less income and leave in very rural area where does not have any banking facilities. The peoples who are in the farming sector, agricultures, horticultures etc are getting these services. The MFC companies are having very less interest rate, easy repayment facility, etc.

Class-1 DSC: These sets of DSC are applicable for private subscribers and individuals. This is mainly to help for securing the email connections, authentications etc.

Class-2 DSC: These are issued to the directors and other signatory authorities etc of the company.

Class-3 DSC: This class is for applying e-tenders and e-actions organizing anywhere in India.

Start your business with the trusted hands. Submit all your legal documents with us and we will assist you till you get the certifications.